Is the Island of Socotra going to be hired by the UAE for 99 years?


Well, this almost slipped through without being noticed. I am really intrigued by this news story, which seems to have very few sources online. If it’s true, it’s strange that it has not garnered enough attention.

Cihan, a news agency from Turkey, allegedly claims that: “Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is making arrangements to hire the island Socotra, located in the south, said a Lebanon based TV channel. Reportedly, the island will be hired out to Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 99 years.

According to Al-Mayadeen TV channel’s news, the island was offered for UAE to get its support for the civil war in Yemen, no further information about the negotiation was provided yet. Reportedly, the island may also be under the governance of US. It was also mentioned in the news that the island will be hired for the investments of touristic, economic and navigation fields.” [SOURCE]

Not sure if this is unjust propaganda or not and hopefully more clear sources show up soon. For those who don’t know, Socotra Island is a wonder of nature. A third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. I am not only curious about this very new form of, what looks like, colonial takeover, but (if true) what will be done to ensure the wellbeing of its very unique ecosystem. I’d hate to see its distinct flora (and, probably, fauna) be plowed down by Sheratons and Hiltons. Learn more. 
Also, its population is estimated roughly at 44,000 people. I wonder if their consent has been taken into consideration in this alleged turning point in its rich history.
However, at this point this is all alleged.
If anyone has any news with regards to this, I would appreciate your referrals.

Celebrate in Krabi, Thailand with Amari Vogue Resort!

Celebrate in Krabi, Thailand with Amari Vogue Resort!

Imagine opening the door and stepping out into a tropical paradise, where the horizon merges with the sea and every sunrise is a burst of colour. Krabi is one of Southern Thailand’s most beautiful beach destinations, and home to Amari Vogue Resort.

Situated on the sandy white shores of Tub Kaek Beach beside the tranquil blue of the Andaman Sea, Amari Vogue Resort is an intimate 57-room resort with elegant Lanna-inspired architecture in a beautiful garden setting. Complete with Breeze Spa; 3 restaurants serving seafood, Italian and Thai cuisine; freeform swimming pool, children’s pool, and fitness room, Amari Vogue Resort is the ideal retreat for relaxation and adventure.

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Kuwaitis can travel to Albania without visa!



To tell you the truth, it’s about time this happened. ” Kuwaitis can now visit Albania without a visa, according to the Albanian embassy in Kuwait. The decision follows the visit of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to Kuwait last November. The no visa policy for Kuwaitis will be implemented shortly to woo more tourism and investors from Kuwait. “If you are citizens of Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates you are free to go Albania just by showing identification documents and passport. No visa is needed. This order will be implemented starting Wednesday or two days after the publication of this announcement,” said Kujtim Morina, Albanian Ambassador to Kuwait during a press conference yesterday at the Albanian embassy in Al-Zarah, South Surra. “Kuwaitis can stay up to 90 days within a period of six months.

That is the new immigration procedure which takes effect shortly; we want to convey this message to all Kuwaitis,” he said. Morina admitted there few Kuwaitis visit Albania, although it increased last year when they implemented a no-visa policy for Kuwaiti during summer vacation. “The new no visa policy will help, because this will be whole year round, not only in summer. The free movement of citizens helps increase trade exchanges and visits from citizens of both countries,” he asserted.

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Destination Known: Cartagena, Colombia!



Christmas in Latin America is known as Las Posadas, Navidad and Dia de los Tres Reyes, and is celebrated with flowers, songs and festive foods. Travel to Cartagena de Indias, a beautiful, colorful city on the Caribbean coast, and celebrate Christmas in the stunning old town. Roam along the cobbled streets of this Unesco World Heritage site and take in the lights of the festive decorations whilst enjoying the hot climate – with average temperatures of 31 degrees celsius in December.

5 Fabulous Restaurants To Eat At In: Toulouse, France!


Le Py-R – Here you will have the premium gastronomic experience that will make your stay in the city well worth it. In fact, we like it so much that we recommend making two bookings, one for lunch and another for dinner. The chef’s generous servings keep coming complimented with the best of what you can imbibe. The young chef who runs the restaurant, Pierre Lambinon, is eager to please and brimming with expertise. The restaurant looks like it was an old local haunt that was transformed into a modern, all-white setting (painted brick). Well-lit and always full, the food here is the primary reason people flock by the dozens on daily basis. We have nothing specific to recommend for this restaurant because every single dish was high-standard gourmet.

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Le Bibent – This authentic brasserie will take you to another time in Toulouse history. The interior boasts a mixture of art nouveau and baroque. It is truly a gem in the pink city’s history in culinary arts. Situated in the heart of the city, it’s hard to miss. The word itself “Bibent” means “drink good” in the original Occitan language, which explains the large wine list. Go for the set menus, but don’t forget to order the delicious scallops.

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Victor Hugo Marketplace – We know what you are think, a market for a restaurant is not your idea of fine dining, but you will be surprised at the culinary exquisiteness in the this central market. With 100 active stalls, this place celebrates 122 years of operation as the go-to market for fresh food in the Mid-Pyrenees. Here you can find everything from escargot to the best foie gras on earth to an open bar. Just sampling the food alone is worth the visit. On teh top floor there are 5 restaurants to choose from to finish of your post-sampling hunger. Don’t forget to pick up some Toulouse sausages from Maison Garcia and cheeses from Xavier and Betty.

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N°5 Wine Bar – If you had to pick one restaurant to dine in on a short trip to Toulouse, make it this one. Husband and wife team, Thomas and Anne Cabrol,  have crafted one of the most perfect menus we have come across our entire lives without making it too cluttered. The menu has the air of high-end gastronomic pinxtos of sorts with an unforgettable coupling of regional wines that are on tap! Not only is it an amazingly great place to have dinner, especially in the basement that doubles as a cellar, the place is one of the hottest digs for socializing in the city. However, the deliciacies at this place are the main draw. Make sure you have a taste of everything in the Enomatics system – an amazing wine dispensing system. This place is an oenological dream. Also, make sure to try the white-bait and the charcuterie!

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Les Beaux Arts – If you are opting for some traditional French cuisine, head to this restaurant. Overlooking the Garonne River, this brasserie offers the finest South Western French cuisine aimed at astounding the tastebuds. Blending with the decor is Belle Epoque and Art Deco elements, this place is a stomping ground for local celebrities, including politicians, artists and athletes. The high quality of the restaurant ensures that you will have a satisfying meal. Try the half-shell oysters there.




Check-In: Rembrandt Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

It is an understatement to say that Bucharest, Romania is one of the most beautiful capitals in Eastern Europe. The city is lush with life sprawling across its vicinity. Most of this cultural livelihood is centered around the romantic old town. Rembrandt Hotel is right in the center of this quaint old town.

The hotel is subdued in an old office building that was transformed into the city’s foremost boutique accommodation. With 16 very spacious rooms overlooking the historical heart of Bucharest – a city that never sleeps.  Since the beginning of 2005, Rembrandt has been offering travellers the wise option of staying amidst the old town and its array of cafes and bars.

Although the hotel is highly suitable for business travellers, it is also equipped with all the components that make for a great trip when it comes to rest and leisure. The price one pays for the space in this location is merely enough to grab one’s attention, let alone the comfortable design and the unmistakable point on the map.

Other than the location and the design of the rooms, the service is up to par to that of 5 star hotels. The staff are glad to help you with any of your questions and are also ready to customize day trips to your liking whether you would like to live the Dracula myth by visiting Bran Castle or  dreaming of lazy day on the beaches of Constanta. The receptionist is always available and will not retaliate to offer concierge services when asked.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind hotel when visiting Bucharest. If you would like to avoid the sterility of chain hotels and enjoy a more rustic feel of the inner city and its workings, Rembrandt’s the only option for you in Bucharest. It’s spacious, central, affordable and comfortable.

Please visit the hotel’s website here. 

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