Check-In: Dome Hotel & SPA, Riga, Latvia



For a small, vibrant, quaint city like Riga in Latvia, you need a small, vibrant and quaint hotel to stay at. Dome Hotel & SPA is probably your best option for capturing that aura on your trip to the surprisingly busy capital city of Latvia. The hotel is located in the middle of the old city on a cobblestone street steps away from the UN heritage site sign gracing the center of the old town. It is near all the important restaurants, bars and cafes in the city. In fact, we only had to use transportation when we needed to go to the airport as everything of note is a walk away from this hotel.

The hotel hides on a side street of the Old Town, which leads to the touristic area and a walk away from the mandatory-to-visit Freedom Monument. For its small size, Dome Hotel & SPA’s rooms are surprisingly spacious with rustic views of the city walls. The reception area encompasses the first floor where you will find a lounge area with free libations (including the legenadry Latvian liquor – Black Blazams). The receptionists are very friendly and are eager to aid you on recommendations during your stay in Riga.

Up the stairs are probably some of the best rooms in to stay in all of the Baltic States capitals. Spacious, well-equipped and grand decor rooms are mildly reminiscent of renaissance times but with modern amenities, very fast internet and shiny bathrooms with modern fixtures. It is a good marriage between agrarian chic and contemporary conventionalism. The cobblestone street serves as the primary view from the rooms. Although it is not scenic, it just adds to the general feel of being in, what some call, the capital of Baltic states. Also, did we mention how fabulous the bathrooms are?

If you are staying in Riga for a couple of days, Dome Hotel & SPA is definitely the place to stay. The locations, services and interiors are all aspects that will ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay in this coruscating city. Don’t miss out on it!


Travel Video: Live Riga, Latvia!

Riga streets bear its over 800-year-long history: the many centuries and rulers, Art Nouveau architecture and Modernism, wooden buildings and masonry. Yet the city is still young and its cultural & historic environment blends with diverse contemporary events. Legend has it that Riga will never be finished… Riga is a city that lives and develops.

Destination Known: Riga, Latvia

Gist: The largest of the Baltic state cities sits pretty in an area to North and East for many to visit. However this fledgling European capital is quickly becoming an art hub of sorts. It holds half of the country’s population. The nightlife grows by the year and the people are eager to boost tourism. Moreover, its transportation system is very advanced and serves as the center of a Baltic trip.

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