5 Fabulous Restaurants To Eat At In: Toulouse, France!


Le Py-R – Here you will have the premium gastronomic experience that will make your stay in the city well worth it. In fact, we like it so much that we recommend making two bookings, one for lunch and another for dinner. The chef’s generous servings keep coming complimented with the best of what you can imbibe. The young chef who runs the restaurant, Pierre Lambinon, is eager to please and brimming with expertise. The restaurant looks like it was an old local haunt that was transformed into a modern, all-white setting (painted brick). Well-lit and always full, the food here is the primary reason people flock by the dozens on daily basis. We have nothing specific to recommend for this restaurant because every single dish was high-standard gourmet.

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Le Bibent – This authentic brasserie will take you to another time in Toulouse history. The interior boasts a mixture of art nouveau and baroque. It is truly a gem in the pink city’s history in culinary arts. Situated in the heart of the city, it’s hard to miss. The word itself “Bibent” means “drink good” in the original Occitan language, which explains the large wine list. Go for the set menus, but don’t forget to order the delicious scallops.

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Victor Hugo Marketplace – We know what you are think, a market for a restaurant is not your idea of fine dining, but you will be surprised at the culinary exquisiteness in the this central market. With 100 active stalls, this place celebrates 122 years of operation as the go-to market for fresh food in the Mid-Pyrenees. Here you can find everything from escargot to the best foie gras on earth to an open bar. Just sampling the food alone is worth the visit. On teh top floor there are 5 restaurants to choose from to finish of your post-sampling hunger. Don’t forget to pick up some Toulouse sausages from Maison Garcia and cheeses from Xavier and Betty.

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N°5 Wine Bar – If you had to pick one restaurant to dine in on a short trip to Toulouse, make it this one. Husband and wife team, Thomas and Anne Cabrol,  have crafted one of the most perfect menus we have come across our entire lives without making it too cluttered. The menu has the air of high-end gastronomic pinxtos of sorts with an unforgettable coupling of regional wines that are on tap! Not only is it an amazingly great place to have dinner, especially in the basement that doubles as a cellar, the place is one of the hottest digs for socializing in the city. However, the deliciacies at this place are the main draw. Make sure you have a taste of everything in the Enomatics system – an amazing wine dispensing system. This place is an oenological dream. Also, make sure to try the white-bait and the charcuterie!

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Les Beaux Arts – If you are opting for some traditional French cuisine, head to this restaurant. Overlooking the Garonne River, this brasserie offers the finest South Western French cuisine aimed at astounding the tastebuds. Blending with the decor is Belle Epoque and Art Deco elements, this place is a stomping ground for local celebrities, including politicians, artists and athletes. The high quality of the restaurant ensures that you will have a satisfying meal. Try the half-shell oysters there.




Check-In: Dome Hotel & SPA, Riga, Latvia



For a small, vibrant, quaint city like Riga in Latvia, you need a small, vibrant and quaint hotel to stay at. Dome Hotel & SPA is probably your best option for capturing that aura on your trip to the surprisingly busy capital city of Latvia. The hotel is located in the middle of the old city on a cobblestone street steps away from the UN heritage site sign gracing the center of the old town. It is near all the important restaurants, bars and cafes in the city. In fact, we only had to use transportation when we needed to go to the airport as everything of note is a walk away from this hotel.

The hotel hides on a side street of the Old Town, which leads to the touristic area and a walk away from the mandatory-to-visit Freedom Monument. For its small size, Dome Hotel & SPA’s rooms are surprisingly spacious with rustic views of the city walls. The reception area encompasses the first floor where you will find a lounge area with free libations (including the legenadry Latvian liquor – Black Blazams). The receptionists are very friendly and are eager to aid you on recommendations during your stay in Riga.

Up the stairs are probably some of the best rooms in to stay in all of the Baltic States capitals. Spacious, well-equipped and grand decor rooms are mildly reminiscent of renaissance times but with modern amenities, very fast internet and shiny bathrooms with modern fixtures. It is a good marriage between agrarian chic and contemporary conventionalism. The cobblestone street serves as the primary view from the rooms. Although it is not scenic, it just adds to the general feel of being in, what some call, the capital of Baltic states. Also, did we mention how fabulous the bathrooms are?

If you are staying in Riga for a couple of days, Dome Hotel & SPA is definitely the place to stay. The locations, services and interiors are all aspects that will ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay in this coruscating city. Don’t miss out on it!


Check-In: Rosewood London Hotel, UK


Being one of the largest metropolises in the world, London has an array of hotel options to offer any kind of traveller. However, there are only a few hotels that stand tall and mighty in comparison to the rest. Rosewood London is not only one of them, but the crop of the best.

Located on Holborn High, not far away from London’s buzzing shopping heart, the hotel offers an experience unlike any other in the city. The website describes this perfectly upon arrival: “Guests arrive at Rosewood London through an archway that opens into a grand Edwardian courtyard, in a little oasis of tranquillity unique among London luxury hotels. It is the perfect start to a memorable stay in a timeless heritage hotel, set just steps from Covent Garden.”

The hotel is truly exceptional. Every detail is taken into account. The staff are eager to help and are probably the sharpest dressed hotel staff you will ever see. Once you enter the vicinity, the utmost of attentiveness is offered throughout you stay. This includes butlers, 24 hours services, amazing room services, friendly reception and round-the-clock upkeep of the facilities.

Plainly put, the rooms are to die for. Spacious, luxurious and tranquil – the rooms are a far stretch from the other hotels in London. The marble bathrooms are fitted with TV screens and every detail is taken into account, from space for luggage to the provision of two sinks for rooms catering to couples. The mini-bar is not mini. It has everything from beer, to English sweets to free organic vodka and gin.

The setting is that of British modern luxury. The seamless decor is streamlined to equip everything in the room without compromising the overall look of the suites.The lighting is carefully studied to fit all corners of the rooms and the panelling is custom-made for each unit. The aura of the interior design is grand, yet inviting. When the Rosewood London describes itself as “ultra-luxury” – it is definitely not kidding around. For short-term travellers to London, this is the closest to an English heritage setting one can get without leaving central London.

Other than the hotel’s exceptional facilities, the entrance is hugged by two of the best culinary venues in the area. Scarfes Bar offers a rustic English lounge setting with some of the best mix cocktails (and impeccable service) this side of Tottenham Court Road. As the website describes: “Gerald Scarfe, renowned British artist and caricaturist has lent his name and artistic vision to Scarfes Bar where his completed artwork has now been revealed. Gerald’s collection of amusing and conversation-provoking paintings, highlighting his best work, adorn the marble walls turning Scarfes Bar into a living canvas, described by Gerald as ‘my personal art gallery, where you can see my life on walls.’ Gerald’s collection of original and one-off paintings, now a permanent feature in the bar, add a unique twist and depict well-known historical and famous faces recounting the colourful history of the United Kingdom in Gerald’s witty and satirical way.”

While Holborn Dining Room, previously known as the East Banking Hall of Pearl Assurance, keeps the tradition of the hotel by offering delicious British dishes with a modern twist in what seems like an American style diner. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, the restaurant is divided into eight sections: Bar Snacks, Cold Counter, Hot Counter, Grill, English Kitchen, Sides, Sandwiches and Afters. It makes for a great starting point for a night out on the town!

Rosewood London is truly an experience in and of itself. It is one of those few high calibre hotels that gets accommodation from A to Z without being too pompous. A stay here will ensure a great trip! Highly recommended!

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Check-In: One Aldwych Hotel, London, UK


In the hustle and bustle of London, it’s hard to find a suitable hotel for your needs – especially a central one. That is not to say there aren’t many, but the expense and spaciousness is usually what worries the traveller in London. Not only are the hotels atrociously priced, but the sizes of the rooms are sometimes too tight and in some cases plain unliveable. However, one hotel has managed to create the perfect package with value, space, design and a central location all taken into consideration- One Aldwych. 

Located in the center of London steps away from Covent Garden hugging the Theatre Land of the West End, One Aldwych is a hotel that serves the most in its platter in this side of the city. It is aptly situation in a fork in the streets of Aldwych, which makes its unique shape a sight to see for all London visitors and residents. Sitting in the the lavish lobby by itself is a London experience – it offers two large window views of two streets with double decker buses and black cabs passing at all times while you enjoy one of their signature cocktails (So well-mixed, it serves as the perfect launchpad for your night out!). The lobby is meticulously decorated with international art pieces and designer furniture.

Located on a loft overlooking the lobby (and these amazing views we talked about) is Indigo restaurant. A small restaurant with a wide selection of dishes, from succulent steals to smoked salmon. With its relaxed and informal atmosphere, the restaurant serves as the perfect place for an early dinner. In fact, given its proximity to Theatre Land, it is a very suitable place to have a meal before hitting the shows with friends.  (Thank you Krizstian for the amazing service!)

The hotel also has a very cozy lounge on the ground floor that can serve as a great place to have meetings. Sectioned in accordance to needs, the place is carefully decorated to service guests with coffee table books peppering the tables and shelves. Paul Smith picked these books and has been known to frequent the place, since his offices are close.  iPads for guests are available, just ask for them (another reason to travel light).

The rooms are spacious for a central London design hotel. While being in the middle of the metropolis, the rooms are insulated in a way that deters the outside sounds from coming in. The room is filled with all needed amenities, including a bathtub with a view and a small TV in the bathrooms (in case you don’t want to miss anything from the array of TV Channels available). The bed are remarkably comfortable with a great choice in linens for the sheets.

Everything aside, the real eye-grabber is the pool. Located in The Health Club is a 18 meter pool with some startlingly amazing features including soft mood lighting, chlorine-free water, a projecter and, last bust not least, an underwater music system. Yes, you can swim and listen to beautiful moody sounds without headphones and only when you dip in! This is a first for us here at Flight965.com and we sure took our time to examine this unique facility. Also, it is safe to mention that The Health Club is a full-option spa with some of the best masseurs in the city. A 60-minute sessions will ease out all the tension built up for being in a city like London. Plus, the gym is right there whenever you need it.

If you are going to London, One Aldwych is a must-visit. Even if you are not staying there, the facilities it encompasses make for a great day trip. The hotel is equipped with everything to make your stay in London fantastic. Also, don’t forget to try out the pool!

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Check-In: Hotel Angleterre & Residence, Lausanne, Switzerland

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On an impromptu trip to Lausanne, Switzerland, after the hustle and bustle of staying in the center of Marrakech’s rowdy Medina, we opted for a relaxation spot with all the amenities needed to rejuvenate and just rest easy. Hotel Angleterre was the perfect venue for this. Superbly located in the residential part of Lausanne directly on the shores of Lake Geneva, 5 minutes away from Lausanne’s shopping centre and only 40 minutes from the International Airport Geneva-Cointrin, this place is one of its kind.

The unique concept of the Hotel Angleterre & Résidence occupies six buildings dating from the 18th, 19th and 21st Centuries, all renovated. Pure lines and modern design within historically rich walls create an environment where modernity combines perfectly with tradition. 75 rooms ranging from superior to suite style accommodation await our guests. Direct dial telephone, Wireless Internet access, remote control colour TV and radio, mini-bar, safe and air-conditioning in all rooms.

The views from the hotel is all a tourist to Lake Geneva. The staff were attentive and very friendly, even helping us after we checked out to visit the town of Evian, famous for its bottled mineral water – a short ferry ride from right in front of the hotel. This is truly one of the best hotels to stay in Lausanne!

Special thanks to Annina Hart-Hönig for offering us all the information we need and keeping up with our busy schedule with care and consideration!