Tripanion: Perch Adapter


“Chargers are left behind in hotels by the millions, and most companies’ solution is to just sell another charger. There are very few real, practical, affordable solutions to control vampire power. Unfortunately, these are problems most people might not recognize. Currently, there is no single solution that can solve both problems. Until Now, Perch. On the road and at home, Perch reminds you to unplug your cords. Perch sits between your charger and the wall and chirps when you disconnect, so you don’t leave your cords behind – wasting both time and energy.”

Destination Known: Lake Placid, New York, USA

Gist: Home of skyrocketing pop star Lana Del Rey is everything but glittery. It’s a lake in desolate upstate New York that can offer one thing for sure: complete serenity. Although the village of Lake Placid is the most boisterous town of the Adirondack Region, sparked with year-round activity, it still a place that stays true to its name. It is in some ways a misnomer because the town actually sits along the shores of another body of water named Mirror Lake. Lake Placid itself, a much larger body of water, is located directly north. The lake, however, is splendidly scenic.  Lake Placid hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.

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