Check-In: Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

It’s always good to cross the equator when the weather gets chillier up here, however, there are few destinations that cater to all ones travel needs like South Africa. Only in Cape Town can you find a place to stay like Mount Nelson Hotel. An imperial formerly business-minded hotel turned into a boutique hotel without compromising its original design or aura. The hotel is colonial at it’s least ironic. It’s lavish gate entrance could hail back memories of early-century aristocracy, but it has been revamped to attain some of its old glory with modern-day touches.

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My 63rd Country: Ethiopia

One our way back from a 9-day trip to South Africa, which included Cape Town, the wine lands, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park, we learned that our connecting flight has on Ethiopian Airlines has been canceled because of under-capacity. Apparently, only 10 people wanted to return to Kuwait by the end of the break on that flight. However, the number of people awaiting the new boarding passes said otherwise.

Anyway, this 24 hour transit gave me the chance to add another country to my list. A country I have learned so much about yet I hadn’t had the priviledge of visitng. Recently, I have slowed down increasing in the country numbers because its become harder to find new places and employment only gives you so many days off.

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