World’s first Yacht Island!

Yes, we live in a world where having a yacht is no longer a first-class luxury. Now, you can have your own island and eat it too. Erm, or something like that. Anyway, this is the new design for an island that has all the facilities of modern technology and it moves. So, you can say you own an island on every continent of the world, if you have the gas moola. Click here for more information.  Continue reading

Destination Known: Luanda, Angola

Gist: You thought Moscow was the most expensive city in the world? Maybe Tokyo? Think again! While you might not enjoy the luxuries that these cities offer in Luanda, Angola, but your pocket will be hard-hit. It costs a whopping $100 here for a watermelon. Hotels are inconsiderately expensive and, if you are a tourist, a non-alcoholic drink can set you back $10. Yes, that is the price you pay for one of the sleepiest capitals in the world. Why go there? To try your most expensive non-luxury trip ever!

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