Hotel: Altstadt, Vienna, Austria

“Your check-in to the Altstadt Vienna – a warm and friendly welcome, your room – a unique style retreat, and the lobby – a cozy salon with an open fireplace. The Altstadt Vienna offers 42 rooms and suites as well as long stay apartments spread across the five storeys of a Patrician house built in 1902. Each hallway and each floor have their own stil, and each and every room is individually designed to meet your personal needs. The huge art collection which can be admired throughout the hotel makes this even more special: a Philippe Starck bathroom, an original Helnwein somewhere along the staircase, and a Prachensky at the front desk. Even some of Vienna’s museums enrich the collection by borrowing art works to the Altstadt.

The Salon often accomodates vernissages and cultural events giving the Altstadt as a place-to-be an even more diverse and stylish ambiance.

Bright and colourful or classic and elegant, find your personal room you feel well in and let the Altstadt become your home in the city of Vienna.

The owner Otto Ernst Wiesenthal, himself a frequent traveller: Create a place in a way that you yourself love to spend your time there.”



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