United Nations Development Programme Kuwait is now on Twitter!

The United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait (UNDP Kuwait) has registered and launched its Twitter account at @UNDPKuwait. The account is set to make information about the organization’s on-going projects available and create a forum from which the public can have an understanding of UNDP Kuwait’s work, aspirations, initiatives and goals.

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Check-In: Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge, Madagascar

When is comes to uniqueness in locations and ultimate seclusion, this one wins it all. A small-staffed luxury hotel 5 hours away from any airport and with no city within miles. This paradise lies on earth next to a small natural port that locals spend hours in to catch fish. It’s an outdoors loft experience, with a private jet strip all by itself which is a service that can be extended to customers. This is not just a lush destination with very unique flora and fauna, but an experience all by itself that will leave you wanting more of this astonishingly tranquil place. Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge in Madagascar is not only a remarkable tip for off-the-beaten-path travelers, but also a mandatory stop for all lovers of Africa.

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Tripanion: Portable Fitness System

The Cord X, muscles in a bag, system is a 10 piece resistance band set that is portable, easy, and versatile. Training using resistance tubing is one of the most effective forms of personal training.Elastic resistance, provided by the color coded tubes offers you a large selection of resistance and unlimited exercises that simulate anything from sport and gym motions to intensive toning.

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