Tripanion: Pack Me Notepad

Travel is almost synonymous with forgetful thinking. This little handed pre-written notepad will make this easier for you. It is basically a checklist to get you on your way, on time, with your bags and without going to the loony bin. 5.5 x 8.5 note pad, 50 sheets, printed on white recycled paper with colored text, chip board backing, shrink wrapped.

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Hotel: Uma Paro, Bhutan

Uma Paro offers exceptional style in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Reflecting an understated philosophy of quiet comfort in a unique, culture-rich location, this inland retreat is also dedicated to activity and adventure.

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Destination Known: Juba, South Sudan

Gist: Many Sub-saharan itineraries don’t include the city of Juba in souther Sudan, however, this little city is about to become the world’s newest capital. Upon independence on July 2011, Juba will be the capital of the world’s youngest country – South Sudan. This transformation is what will make this location a place to visit, not only for the transitional changes but for the heightened air of optimism in the population.  Continue reading