Emirates Airlines scraps fuel surcharge on tickets!

In a bid to boost consumer tourism this summer, Emirates Airlines has scrapped its fuel surcharge on tickers. Considering the expense of oil, this is a plus to the airlines that has garnered a reputation of being costly. “In line with the recent decrease in fuel prices Emirates has removed its fuel surcharge on all tickets,” the airline’s president Tim Clark said.Click here for more.

Table: Mon Maki A Moi, Byblos, Lebanon

Great sushi places are few and far in-between in Lebanon, so when a new one pops up it’s always a great chance to engage in this 21st century rite of passage.On the outskirts of historic Byblos lies a new restaurant that caters specifically to that. It’s a straight-up no-frills kind of restaurant serving the best Japanese cuisine in Northern Lebanon.

The decor is that of a food-conscious arena but with a modern flair. It is very well-lit and the focal point of the restaurant is the sushi station. Kept simple yet lively, the place boasts an amazing live-plant framed wall that is both a conversational piece and elaborate addition to the experience at Mon Maki A Moi.

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Destination Known: Tikehau, French Polynesia


Gist: Tahiti ushers in a myriad of thoughts of pristine beaches and beautiful islands. Well, Tikehau is one of the most gorgeous of such in the atoll. It’s a wide lagoon that is covered in coconut trees, making for shallow waters that turn into a natural aquarium. The whole atoll is surrounded by an almost continuous coral reef that makes for an interesting insight of the fauna of the location. Truly a sight to see!

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