Hotel: Canopy Tower, Panama

“Spread across five levels, the spacious, wood-paneled rooms in the Canopy Tower come with mosquito nets, windows, and most with en suite bathrooms. But the real reason to stay is what’s up above: a 30-foot-high geotangent dome that rises above the canopy, affording birders 360-degree views and potential sightings of such unique species as the slaty-backed forest falcon, the bicolored antbird, and the spot-crowned antvireo.”

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Tripanion: Blackberry Playbook

“Linking directly to BlackBerry handhelds, the PlayBook allows users to check e-mail, calendars, and to-do lists on a 7-inch touch screen. But until it gets its own built-in e-mail client—and a way to get online besides Wi-Fi—its appeal will mainly be limited to BlackBerry devotees. The company plans to fill in these blanks with future models, but the clock ticks fast in tech time.”

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