Hotel: Fox Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

This little hotel in the center of Denmark‘s capital doesn’t borrow from any other. It’s a boutique hotel that challenges every set rule of contemporary hotel decorum. Every room in the establishment is designed by an art student. The interiors vary from countryside chic to obsolete utalitarianism to gaudy kitsch. There’s something for everyone.

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Canoeing in the Golden Triangle by the opium fields between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

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The Story

A couple of years back I decided to expand my education. Armed with my undergraduate degree and years of work experience I was ready to venture into a Master’s program. Having always been interested in geography, history, human rights and politics, I decided to pursue one in International Affairs. But, unlike any other academic undertaking I wasn’t going to beat the textbooks dead, but I wanted to have a well-rounded journey. It was going to be an international affair by itself.

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