Hotel: Charming House, Venice, Italy

Although a few people look for modernity when visiting rustic bubblegum-romantic places like Venice, but this one hotel fuses sentimental warmth with contemporary edge. Directly linked to the canals, Charming House offers boutique solitude with a central location that will leave most other chain hotels baffles. This is for the cozy young couple rather then they lavish silver anniversaries.

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Destination Known: Durban, South Africa

Gist: One of the lesser known cities of the vast South Africa is a charming little city with a friendly populace. It is home to the busiest port in the country and a business hub of sorts. But, the city’s real draw is its subtropical temperatures and extensive beaches. Durban is the third-largest city in he southernmost of Africa and is growing to be a tourist attraction in recent years.

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Tripanion: Headplay Personal Cinema

This is a cinema in the for of sunglasses. “It’s portable, compact and convenient. It’s an explosion of the senses for a multi- tasking, multi-media society. It’s the next frontier in portable entertainment, featuring stereo audio and media in both 2D and, for the first time ever, stunning 3D.”